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Minos starfighter VR – Andriod APK


Minos starfighter VR – Andriod APKMinos starfighter VR – Andriod APK

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Minos starfighter VR – get into a pilot’s chair of a space battle ship and participate in dynamic battles in faraway sectors of galaxy. Demonstrate the miracles of a space flight completing exciting fighting missions in this Android game. Control the flight of a fantasy battle ship tilting your device. Blast enemy space ships with the help of lasers, rockets and other weapon systems. Number and power of enemies will grow with every new wave of attack. Upgrade weapons and other systems of the battle ship.

Minos starfighter VR Features

  • Excellent graphics
  • 3 unique locations
  • Many power-ups and upgrades
  • The game requires VR glasses

Download  Demo

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