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Limitless v1.5 – Responsive Web Application Kit


Limitless v1.5 – Responsive Web Application KitLimitless v1.5 – Responsive Web Application Kit

Limitless v1.5 - Responsive Web Application Kit

Limitless v1.5 HTML5 Template Free Download

Limitless v1.5 – a new professional admin template, based on Bootstrap framework. Limitless is a powerful and super flexible tool, which suits best for any kind of web application. Includes 1 main and 3 alternative layouts, 1000+ commented HTML pages, 1000+ components with different features and options, 100+ plugins and extensions etc. Limitless includes Starter kit – a set of blank pages, that will make your developer’s life much easier. Limitless template is fully responsive, which means that it looks perfect on mobiles and tablets.

Limitless app kit is fully based on LESS pre-processor, includes 100+ commented LESS files. Each file corresponds to a single component, layout, page, plugin or extension – so you can easily find necessary piece of code and edit it for your needs. The package includes both normal and minified CSS files, compiled from LESS.

Limitless v1.5 Features

  • 4 pre-built layouts
  • Static layout, fixed navbar, fixed footer and fixed sidebar layout options
  • Custom and native scrollbars for fixed elemenets
  • Liquid and boxed layouts
  • Custom color system, includes 16 color palettes
  • Starter kit for developers – set of blank pages with basic functionality
  • Form components
  • Selects
    • Select2 select library with advanced options
    • Bootstrap Multiselect library with different options
    • SelectBoxIt selects library with sizing, styling and other options
    • Bootstrap Select library with live search support
  • Wizards
    • Stepy wizard library
    • Form wizard library
    • Steps wizard library
  • Editors
    • Summernote rich text editor
    • CKEditor text editor, the most powerful one
    • WYSIHTML5 text editor
    • Ace Code editor with 100+ modes, themes and extensions
  • Pickers
    • Date & time – pick-a-date, pick-a-time, anytime, daterange and jQuery UI pickers with options
    • Spectrum Color picker with options
    • Location and address pickers with Google Maps integration
    • Date paginator – date picker with calendar and pagination
  • Components
    • Modal dialogs with enhanced options
    • Dropdown menus with advanced styling
    • Tabs and pills components with options
    • Collapsible and accordion components
    • Nav component with options
    • Buttons with styling options and loading spinners/progress bars
    • Tooltips and popovers with options
    • Different display options for alerts
    • Pagination with styling and sizing options
    • Pager with styling and sizing options
    • Labels and badges, including styling options
    • Progress bars in different sizes and styles
    • Page and component loaders with icon spinners and custom loaders
    • Thumbnails with titles, descriptions, components and other options
    • Page header component with supported sizes, styles and elements
    • Breadcrumbs component with supported styles and elements
    • Media lists with options
    • jQuery UI and NoUI sliders with pips, tooltips, color and size options
    • Syntax highlighter with language options
    • Affix and scrollspy components
    • Dynamic tree views with different options and data sources
    • Context menu extension
  • Notifications
  • Content panels
  • Appearance
  • Icons
  • Extensions
  • File uploaders
  • Sidebars
  • Vertical navigation
  • Horizontal navigation
  • Navbars
  • Data visualization
  • Static tables
  • Data tables
  • Custom pages kit
  • Continuous development
  • Regular updates
  • Fast and professional support

Limitless v1.5 Changelog

2017 January 16th – Version 1.5

// # List of new components

[new] Blog – Vertical layout (blog_classic_v.html)
[new] Blog – Horizontal layout (blog_classic_h.html)
[new] Blog – Grid layout (blog_grid.html)
[new] Blog – Single post (blog_single.html)
[new] Blog – With left sidebar (blog_sidebar_left.html)
[new] Blog – With right sidebar (blog_sidebar_right.html)

[new] General pages – Feed layouts (general_feed.html)
[new] General pages – Content widgets (general_widgets_content.html)
[new] General pages – Responsive embeds (general_embeds.html)

[new] Service pages – Sitemap (service_sitemap.html)

[new] User pages – Tabbed profile (user_pages_profile_tabbed.html)

[new] Mailbox – Mail list (mail_list.html)
[new] Mailbox – List with detached sidebar (layout 1 and 2) (mail_list_detached.html)
[new] Mailbox – Read mail (mail_read.html)
[new] Mailbox – Write mail (mail_write.html)

[new] Job search – Cards view (job_list_cards.html)
[new] Job search – Panel view (job_list_panel.html)
[new] Job search – Detailed view (job_detailed.html)
[new] Job search – Apply (job_apply.html)

[new] Learning kit – List view (learning_list.html)
[new] Learning kit – Grid view (learning_grid.html)
[new] Learning kit – Detailed view (learning_detailed.html)

// # List of updated plugins

[updated] Switchery library – switchery.min.js – to 0.8.2
[updated] Touchspin spinners – touchspin.min.js – to 3.1.2
[updated] Autosize extension – autosize.min.js – to 3.0.20
[updated] Bootstrap Select – bootstrap_select.min.js to 1.12.1
[updated] Moment.js – moment.min.js, moment_locales.min.js – to 2.17.1

[updated] Image Cropper – cropper.min.js – to 2.3.4
[updated] Plupload file uploader – plupload bundle – to 2.2.1
[updated] Bootstrap File Input library – fileinput.min.js to 4.3.7

[updated] Datatables library – datatables.min.js – to 1.10.13
[updated] Autofill DT extention – autofill.min.js – to 2.1.3
[updated] Buttons DT extention – buttons.min.js – to 1.2.4
[updated] Key Table DT extention – key_table.min.js – to 2.2.0
[updated] Row Reorder DT extention – row_reorder.min.js – to 1.2.0

// # List of fixes

[fixed] Button with icon doesn’t support checkboxes/radios
[fixed] Float button – if text is too long, it wraps on the second line
[fixed] Mini sidebar – in collapsed more, items with child levels have wrong right padding
[fixed] Sidebar container bottom spacing fixes
[fixed] In separate sidebar, panels and categories have double bottom spacing
[fixed] Badge and label are transparent in active navigation item in default sidebar
[fixed] Login and registration pages – password fields have wrong input types
[fixed] Dropzone uploader – if uploader is not inside panel, background and border colors don’t match
[fixed] If responsive table goes after panel heading, table container and table itself need top border
[fixed] Panel title doesn’t respect font size classes
[fixed] Mini sidebar – children level dropdown in main navigation appears behind footer
[fixed] Stacked media lists don’t respect text alignment classes
[fixed] If media object is displayed as panel body, it has extra top margin
[fixed] Datatables fixed header – when click click sidebar control button, headers do not adjust to a new width
[fixed] Anytime picker – empty cells are hidden in date grid
[fixed] In material layout, multiple navbar buttons don’t have horizontal spacing
[fixed] FAB button in 5th layout has extra border

[fixed] RTL layout – Dropzone uploader adds extra horizontal space to body and scrollbar appears
[fixed] RTL layout – default pace theme doesn’t show up

// # List of improvements

[improved] @table-cell-padding variable does not use padding variable
[improved] Removed unused .icons-list-vertical class from html pages
[improved] Removed unused .btn-slide class from html files
[improved] Added inline list with vertical borders (.list-inline-bordered)
[improved] Added group of block buttons (.btn-block-group)
[improved] Added seamless row option which doesn’t page spacing between columns (.row-seamless)
[improved] Added border radius helpers (helpers.less)
[improved] Added no-border option for jQuery UI datepicker if used inside panel
[improved] Added class name for scrollable panel to limit panel viewport (.has-scroll)
[improved] Added top border if panel has multiple bodies
[improved] Added class name for slightly darker panel body (.panel-body-accent)
[improved] Added nav tabs toolbar with grey background (.nav-tabs-toolbar)
[improved] Improved navigation and file naming

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