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Bootstrap Social Network


Bootstrap Social NetworkBootstrap Social Network

Bootstrap Social Network

Bootstrap Social Network Free Download

Bootstrap Social Network – Beautiful and easy interface, Fast structure, A protection system against external attacks, Responsive design for all devices.

Offer to find out more about all features of the social network:

Registration Easy and convenient check-in, will allow You to quickly add new users to Your site, well thought-out system of protection against substitution errors, will allow to warn the user in entering incorrect data, or lack thereof. The code below allows to protect the site from automatic account creation to ensure that the website is registered to a living person.

Password recovery If You forget your password, You can use the “password Recovery”, putting your email address registered on the site, You will receive an email with the code, in which You restore access to your page.

Responsive design Currently, people often have begun to use mobile phones and tablets to the Internet. Now, the use of mobile devices than personal computers and laptops. With this in mind, it became necessary to create adaptive interfaces that can adapt to any device. It is very convenient. Regardless of the type of device or Your location, You can comfortably use the social network.

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